Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What would you like to see more of in Bellevue’s parks system?

This is one of the more important questions we are posing to the community, so it makes sense that this is our first discussion question for the blog. In ten years, what should Bellevue’s park system look like? How can we continue to best serve our park users? Do you think there should be more of certain types of parks or less of others?

All communities are subject to change over time and Bellevue is no exception. Our challenge is to anticipate those changes and adjust accordingly. Here are some facts to consider. Over the next decade:

  • Bellevue’s growth in population will come predominantly in the form of higher density housing located in places like downtown Bellevue and in a redeveloping Bel-Red corridor.
  • The average age of Bellevue’s resident population will increase as Baby Boomers make older adults a larger percentage of the overall population.
  • Bellevue’s overall racial and ethnic make-up will continue to diversify.

These are certainly not the only ways that the Bellevue community will change over the next ten years. However, you can see that each might have its own impact on the demand for specific types of park and park facilities.

So, what do you think? Over time, what do you think we will need more of, in regard to parks? What may we not need anymore? What elements of the park system are so fundamental, that you don’t expect to see any change at all?


  1. I personally prefer parks where there are sports fields/courts available for playing on like Robinswood. We voted to make a few more parks like that, so that's good.

    The water park at Crossroads Park is great for kids, but it'd be nice to see something like the Henry Moses Aquatic Center that Renton has in Bellevue somewhere.

    The trails are nice for taking leisurely walks.

    Overally I think things are going in the right direction and the suggeston of a water park/aquatic center is about all I can suggest.

  2. I would love to see a running track since most tracks are attached to high schools and the only "public" one is over in Seattle by Greenlake.

  3. I would love to see more of a community center and/ or pool west of I-405 near the downtown bellevue area esp with development and anticipated increased population density near this area. possiblya pool and/or water park at hidden valley sports center? We live near this park which I think has an awesome play area for the kids. I am always suprised I don't see more families with kids here. I think addition of a pool and/or water park here would be great! but I do think the bellevue parks system has done a GREAT JOB overall, even without any additional changes. we just moved from bothell this summer and have really been enjoying all the bellevue public recreation opportunities.

  4. Here's an odd detail that I'd like to see incorporated in playground planning: north-facing slides. Slides facing in any of the other directions are prone to overheat (for bare legs) on hot, sunny days, so I'd like to see it become standard practice to orient slides towards the north.

    For that matter it might be worthwhile to consider planting trees on the south sides of playgrounds, again to provide shade on hot days, as a rule of thumb.

    Cheers to the Bellevue Parks Department, which does a fantastic job overall.

  5. Thank you for asking what we would like to see more of in our beautiful Bellevue Parks and Recreation. I enjoy walks on the paths and trails; the parks are stunning! What a beautiful place to live!

    I grew up back east and on an ice rink. When I was younger, they was the frozen pond down the street in the winter, and then, as I started skating daily, it was indoor rinks. We no longer have one here in Bellevue, although I understand we did have at one time. I know you are generous to put up a rink for the holidays, but for people who need to practice their ice skating, they need a daily presence of a rink.

    Ice skating is very healthy and versatile. There is ice hockey, broomball, ice dancing, figure skating, ice shows and, of course, public skating, where everyone gets their start, and kids always have a good time. I have seen skaters as young as 3 and as old as 90. The rinks in Renton and Lynnwood are nice (two within a mile of each other in Lynnwood area, last I knew), but they take at least 30 minutes to get to, on the freeways.

    Ice skating is a good place for young people to spend a weekend and/or evening, it keeps them off the streets and allows them something to do in a safe environment. So, if it is ever possible, a permanent ice rink somewhere in Bellevue would be nice.

    Lately, I have been going, almost daily, to a private swim/fitness club. It is helping me to tone up and get healthy exercise. I realize, though, that I am one of the lucky ones who can afford a private club, while so many people who need access to exercise equipment or classes (yoga, pilates, weightlifting) do not have the chance. If a city could provide low cost access to these things, we might have a healthier population. It is just a thought.

    Thanks for asking, and thanks for listening.


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