Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome Part II – About Parks & Community Services

Hopefully, you have read the Welcome – Part I post and are interested in learning a little more (or seeing how much you already know) about Bellevue Parks & Community Services.

The mission of Bellevue Parks & Community Services is posted at the right and repeated here:

We build a healthy community through an integrated system of exceptional parks, open space, recreation, cultural arts and human services.

As the mission implies, Bellevue Parks & Community Services is interested and involved in all kinds of issues – most of which revolve around the concept of sustainability. We are focused on environmental sustainability, managing a system of parks and open spaces within Bellevue which are instrumental in maintaining our community’s air and water quality. We are also focused on social sustainability, offering programs and services designed to promote healthy lifestyles. Many of these programs serve the general population, but we also place special emphasis on program and services for youth, older adults, individuals with disabilities and households with low-and moderate-incomes.

Can you guess how many acres of parks are managed by the City of Bellevue? For that and more interesting facts about what we do, click here.

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