Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photography and Poetry Contest

We visit parks for many reasons. One reason is to surround yourself with beauty. Beauty can be found in many ways and in many places.

It is found deep in the forests of Coal Creek Natural Area, where you can watch a rain drop cling to the tip of a fern. It is found in the Bellevue Botanical Garden, where skilled hands design and arrange fantastic displays. It is found observing the joyful face of a toddler on her first trip down a playground slide or in the high-five of two teenagers as they defeat gravity on a skate park ramp.

For most of us, this beauty is indescribable. We recognize it, appreciate it and move on. However, there are a few among us who know how to capture this beauty through words or images so that we can all share in the experience.

We are looking for these few.

As we continue the task of updating Bellevue’s Parks & Open Space System Plan, we are hoping to engage the creative community by interspersing throughout the document photos and poetry that are inspired by our parks system.

If you, or someone you know, is blessed with the gift of verse, or can compose the perfect camera shot, please consider participating.

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